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While not all bad things can be prevented, all too many times a victim is too afraid to say something. Victims should not feel as if they did something wrong, they should feel empowered to put a stop to the wrongdoers. looks to tackle the issue and provide assistance to college / university campus enforcement departments through the flow of information they may have never received if the right avenue to report anonymously was not available.

Our Mission

To be the global leader in helping to give a voice to
those who feel they do not have one.

Our Strategy

To work with all college / university campus enforcement departments to make the lives of people who rely on them safer. Giving the administrators or responsible parties the information they need to resolve issues and complaints. Colleges and universities spend millions a year for solutions that simply may not work. Only 1 out of every 3 acts of sexual assault are reported. If someone has information about an issues but is too afraid to say something, the issue may never be solved. is a tool that when used properly can be invaluable.


With any of the tools, remaining anonymous is the key. allows for two way communication within all the modules with the identity of the victim or sender remaining anonymous. All communications going through our system. No other entity has access to the communications or identity of any individuals.

File a Report allows for anonymous reporting by any individual needing to report something without any fear. As part of the reporting, the individual has the ability to Opt In. It is highly recommended that Opting In is chosen as it helps strengthen the complaint by making two-way communications possible. The identity of the individual or victim filing the report is not revealed.

Respond to Report allows for unlimited two-way anonymous communications in an effort to resolve the issue. While a report will still be filed without an individual Opting In, without doing so, two-way communications will not be possible. The identity of an Opted In individual will not be revealed.

Be Direct allows for individuals to send an email anonymously to others or a group of others. While this can be a fun feature, it should not be intended to send damaging or harmful emails. For safety purposes, this feature requires registration.

Admin Portal allows for administrators to review and respond to all messages and communications. Colleges or Universities can assign as many administrators as necessary or required.

Need - If you don't think you would ever need these services, it may already be too late.

Without information, the likelihood of solving an issue dramatically decreases. To put it simply, it is worth it if just one tip saves a victim or a life.



For colleges and universities, millions are spent every year on tools that may not work. Only 1 out of every 3 acts of sexual assault are reported. Victims live in fear of their attackers and need tools to help them report to authorities.

ABOUT US was established in an effort to help those who are too afraid to come forward. Any identity information received by through Opting In will remain confidential. However, in the event the site was used for damaging purposes, reporting to authorities may be required. Please use the site thoughtfully and responsibly!